Middleton Expert Residential Remodeling Contractors

At Boyd Remodeling and Construction, our professional contractors have proudly provided residents with the highest quality and most customized Middleton remodeling services. In each project, we work with our customers in order to ensure that their vision of their home becomes a reality. We judge each project based upon your ultimate satisfaction.

Call us today if you have been considering remodeling your Middleton home. Our contractors can help you with all of your residential Boise remodeling projects. We are happy to answer any of your questions and to set up your appointment today


Kitchen Remodeling That Will Leave Middleton in Awe


The reason Middleton homeowners love to remodel their kitchens is because it is one of the most functional rooms in the house as well as a design focal point. By remodeling you get a lot of value out of improving efficiency while also increasing aesthetic value.

Boyd Remodeling and Construction are residential remodeling professionals and we offer high quality kitchen remodeling services. We employ a team of experts in every discipline of construction so we handle every aspect of the remodel. We only work with the finest manufacturers, so our selection of appliances and building materials is superior and vast. That is what makes us the preferred choice in Middleton for kitchen remodeling experts.

From small aesthetic touch ups to restructuring, remodeling your kitchen will have a big impact on your entire home's design. Whether you simply

add some paint and new flooring, or you replace all of the cabinets and counter tops, creating a cohesive aesthetic will open up the kitchen and make it more inviting.

By having us install state of the art appliances you can make your work in the kitchen a lot easier. Adding pantry space or even a spice rack can help clean up clutter and make the area more efficient. No matter what your kitchen remodeling needs, Boyd Remodeling and Construction can get the job done.

Beautiful Bathroom Remodeling Jobs in Middleton

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in a Middleton home and that is why so many people start with it when remodeling. You can stretch your remodeling dollars a long way in the space and because it is typically a private room, you have a lot of design versatility.

Boyd Remodeling and Construction works with the finest manufacturers of bathroom fixtures and amenities so we have a wide selection of options. If you want to turn your bathroom into a more relaxing and comfortable space, we can help. From an additional sink for more elbow room to a state of the art tub made of metal that won't let your water get cold, we have access to the highest quality materials. We can build you shelving to clean up the clutter or even your very own sauna, bringing the resort spa to your home. Whatever your bathroom remodeling needs, Boyd Remodeling and Construction can accommodate.


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