Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling Services

Making the right choices in cabinetry for your kitchen can be a little frustrating due to the many choices out there. It's important that you choose the right cabinets or they may not look well with all the other surfaces of the kitchen. Your flooring, counter tops, walls, and appliances all have to be considered when making your kitchen remodeling choices.

Solid wood cabinets can easily be resurfaced with painting or different stain if you would rather reface them. Molding or trim can help you to create a different style on the cabinet doors and other areas. It will always cost less to resurface than to remove and replace your current kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing

There are specific techniques and detailed procedures that your remodeling team will follow when resurfacing your cabinets. You will have many choices of colors, textures, finishes, glazes, stains, or paint techniques such as antiquing. Our first objective is to make sure your resurfaced cabinets look as good as the first day you had them installed or purchased your home.

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

At Boyd Remodeling and Construction LLC, we are the expert remodeling kitchen cabinet contractor. We are experienced professionals who can provide you with outstanding custom cabinets you've never seen before or can take your existing cabinetry and create a whole new look. Whether you want some extras special touches want to keep it simple and functional, we're ready to help.

Sometimes it's hard to make a final decision, but if you've debated whether or not to go ahead with your plans to get new cabinets for your kitchen, it definitely is past time to call your local professionals here at Boyd Remodeling & Construction.

Our Boise remodeling contractors wants your kitchen to look great! Let us help you change it to suite your needs so you can enjoy your new kitchen cabinets for years to come! Whether you want to only replace the countertops or are looking for more extensive remodeling services, our technicians are standing by to help.