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At Boyd Remodeling and Construction, our professional Boise residential remodelers have proudly served the Melba community for over a decade. During this time, we have developed the knowledge, skill, and experience to handle any interior or exterior residential remodeling project. Our expert contractors can help you with entire whole-house renovation projects and home addition constructions. We can apply our standard of excellence to your single room remodeling projects. We constantly strive to provide the most customized and highest quality remodeling services in the area.

Call us today if you are considering revitalizing your Melba home through a Melba remodeling project. Our staff is happy to help in any way that we can and can schedule your appointment today.


Your Premier Choice in Melba for Kitchen Remodeling Contractor


The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to remodel in Melba. Likely this is because of the value that every remodeling dollar offers when upgrading a functional space that also has aesthetic appeal. The kitchen is a design focal point where people gather but its utility is the most essential aspect of it.

The kitchen remodeling experts at Boyd Remodeling and Construction understand this important union of form and function and address it in every remodel job we complete. We aim at giving you all the options necessary to make your cooking space more efficient, more comfortable and more effective while also improving on the aesthetic design and turning it into a warm and inviting place.

Whether you want new floors, counter tops or cabinets, we can assist you. Bring your kitchen into this century with state of the art appliances 

or clean up the clutter with some added shelving. The kitchen remodeling specialists on our team can provide you with the most beautiful and functional kitchen upgrades you'll find. If you want to enjoy an efficient and stunning cooking space, call Boyd Remodeling and Construction and explore what kitchen remodeling can do for you.

Melba's Most Quality Bathroom Remodels

One of the most affordable ways to add value to your property is with bathroom remodeling. When remodeling your bathroom you have a lot of versatility when it comes to design and materials. You can do anything from replace old floor tiles or toilets, install additional sinks, install cabinets, replace counter tops or simply upgrade the shower head.

Boyd Remodeling and Construction has the skills and tools necessary to convert your bathroom to a more comfortable and relaxing space. Add a skylight and use the sun to create an ambiance or replace your bathtub with a spa. From hands-free faucets to frosted shower doors, no matter what your bathroom needs we can install it for you.


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