5 Things To Consider When Planning Boise Whole House Remodeling

You are on the right track with whole house remodeling if you have a home you wish to renovate. Having the changes to the house handled all at once offers you many benefits compared to remodeling room by room.

Boise general contractor will handle whole house remodeling, which offers you savings for your budget as well as the headaches of managing the project yourself.

The professionals at Boyd Remodeling and Construction LLC have some advice to help you achieve the best results when your renovations involve the entire home. Here are some things to consider when planning your Boise whole house remodeling project.


1. Check on tax credits so you can implement projects that qualify for them. With tax credits, your whole home remodeling project could be less expensive while giving you the energy efficient features that will also benefit you. This is the time to add solar energy features or other things like an electric car charging station.

2. Include any electrical upgrades needed for a safer, more energy efficient Boise home in your whole house remodeling plans. The electrical panel in homes needs to be upgraded somewhere around every 10 years. If yours is 7-10 years old, plan to upgrade it.

Adding appliances, outlets, lighting, and more systems that require electricity will mean the panel needs to be upgraded in many cases. Old wiring may also need to be replaced.

3. Plan for plumbing changes involving layout or additional plumbing installations. When remodeling the whole house, you may be trying to keep the plumbing as it is or may need to move some things or add onto they system.

Renovating an older home could mean repiping or replacing fixtures. Keep these changes in the forefront when making the plan as they need to be fit into the budget.

4. You may want to upgrade windows and doors or add siding onto the home, so remember energy efficiency and exterior options when planning whole house remodeling.

If adding onto the home, consider siding as an option. The energy savings of the home will be increased and siding options allow you to match any architectural style.

Siding comes in composite options that look like real slate, tile, wood, and metal. Old plywood or bricks can be covered for a completely new look for the exterior of your home.

5. Get advice from your Boise general contractor and architect when planning whole house remodeling. An experienced remodeling company has served many homeowners in the past. They have great advice, so ask them what changes they would make if it were their home. Ask plenty of questions so you can put your remodeling budget to good use.

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