When the concept of the man cave first took hold, it was all about tacky. Organized perhaps, but the space was usually filled with furnishings, décor and details that were not welcome in the main part of the house – all the things that represented football games, drinking and cutting loose with the guys. For many Boise homeowners, the good news is that type of man cave does still exist. It gives adults the perfect place to let off steam during the big game, while the rest of the household can go about their business.

However, these days, many homeowners are hiring remodeling contractors and opting for a more “evolved,” if you will, version of the man cave. No more second-hand furniture and walls plastered with vibrant sports posters and memorabilia, this is a new look at the even more adult version of a space meant to be for adults to gather.


Know More about Your Options

So you would still like a little space set aside from some healthy adult interaction but are not necessarily a fan of bobbleheads depicting athletes or an oversize neon clock for your favorite brand of beer. The good news is that you still have other options for your man cave such as:
  • Create a comfortable space for watching television. The size of the TV doesn't have to be the entire wall, just large enough for a clear picture. Set yourself up with quality sound and make this a space where you view movies that are for the above PG-13 crowd. In this situation, you can do away with the traditional individual stadium-style seating used in typical man caves and implement a couch and some love seats.
  • So maybe you are the type of guy that likes to collect sports memorabilia, but maybe you don't need it on full display. Or, maybe you like having a place to store your things that won't get in the way of the family searching through closets and drawers to find whatever it is that they need. Then that makes it important for you to have well-organized storage in your man cave.
  • Feel free to go in the totally opposite direction and take a minimalist approach to the design aesthetic. You can still create an uber-masculine space by opting for a sleek, modern and minimalist approach. Opt for darker neutral hues and tall, thin furnishings with accent touches of wood grains.
  • More homeowners are also making the choice to opt instead for a mini bar instead of a full scale practically commercial sized home bar. Sure, having drinks can be an enjoyable way for adults to spend the evening but there is no need to make it the emphasis of the space.

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